Twist Ear Cleaner
Twist Ear Cleaner
Twist Ear Cleaner
Twist Ear Cleaner

Twist Ear Cleaner

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Cleaning your ears shouldn’t be painful. There’s an easy solution! Twisty Ear Cleaner is the innovative ear wax removal kit that make ear wax removal easy and pain-free. Simply place it in your ear, twist, and remove ear wax. It’s that easy! A typical cotton swab can go too far in your ear canal and cause pain. Twist features a soft spiral-grooved head designed to go the perfect distance in the ear. A simple twist latches on to ear wax and extracts it safely without causing injury. 


  • Simply twist to grab & extract ear wax
  • Makes ear wax removal easy
  • Soft, flexible tip
  • Goes the perfect distance inside your ear
  • Extracts ear wax with a spiral-grooved head
  • Won’t injury the ear when used as directed
  • Disposable touch-free replacement heads
  • Includes 16 disposable tips