Foot Detox Pads (10 Pieces)
Foot Detox Pads (10 Pieces)
Foot Detox Pads (10 Pieces)

Foot Detox Pads (10 Pieces)

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 ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC: Contain high quality ingredients sourced from the best suppliers in Asia. This powerful blend of bamboo vinegar, rare minerals, and pure plant extracts comes right from the earth; it is free of harmful toxins and man-made impurities. 

ANCESTOR'S REMEDIES: Foot pads have been used in Eastern cultures as natural healing remedies for thousands of years; bamboo vinegar, also known as "chikusaku", helps boost the body's natural defenses and improves circulation

HEALTH BENEFITS: Our foot Pads activate skin cells and boost blood circulation. Our foot pads boost metabolism, energy and improve your immune system, as well as providing fast relief from stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety, sore, hangover & constipation. Our calming foot pads will limit body odor, eliminate skin imperfections and revive your body. 

 EASY TO USE: Take the 2-in-1 patch out of the package and apply it to the sole of your foot before going to bed; the foot pads are disposable; any small residue from use may be cleansed with water. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!